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Expert Witness in Legal Ethics and Standard of Care Matters: David Dodge is one of Arizona's most respected authorities on professional responsibility for lawyers

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David D. Dodge  

David Dodge: Named by Best Lawyers® as the 2015 "Lawyer of the Year" Phoenix for Ethics
and Professional Responsibility Law


In 2017, Martindale-Hubbell® recognized David Dodge for 40 consecutive years of AV Preeminent® ratings

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Arizona Expert Witness in Legal Ethics and Standard of Care Matters

As one of Arizona’s most recognized and valued resources in the area of professional responsibility for lawyers, David D. Dodge gives expert testimony and advice on legal ethics and standard of care issues. In association with attorney Denise M. Quinterri, he also consults with lawyers charged with ethical and disciplinary offenses.

David Dodge has practiced law since 1965 – first in Cincinnati and, since 1981, in Phoenix – focusing on civil litigation, legal ethics and professional responsibility. His work in the area of legal ethics and professional responsibility began in 1978, when he was appointed to serve on the Grievance Committee of the Cincinnati Bar Association. In that capacity, he investigated and heard complaints against lawyers practicing in surrounding Hamilton County, Ohio, and represented the Cincinnati Bar Association in appeals by sanctioned lawyers to the Ohio Supreme Court.

After relocating his practice to Phoenix, David Dodge served as volunteer Bar Counsel and as an alternate hearing officer for the State Bar of Arizona. In the mid-1980s he was appointed to one of the State Bar's hearing committees, eventually becoming the chairman of Hearing Committee 1J.

In 1994, he was appointed to the Disciplinary Commission of the Arizona Supreme Court, the lawyer regulation equivalent of the court of appeals from decisions made by hearing committees, hearing officers, Bar counsel and Probable Cause panelists. He served on the Disciplinary Commission for the full terms allowed, including a term as chairman, until 2000. During that time, he reviewed and participated in approximately 400 disciplinary matters.

David Dodge is a monthly columnist on legal ethics and professional responsibility for the Arizona Attorney magazine, published by the State Bar of Arizona. He also lectures several times a year at ethics and professionalism seminars sponsored by local lawyers’ groups such as the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association, local bar associations including the Maricopa County Bar Association, the State Bar of Arizona and national continuing legal education providers, such as the Washington and Oregon CLE Forum, National Business Institute and Lorman Educational programs.


David Dodge’s “Eye on Ethics” column appears regularly in the Arizona Attorney magazine

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Information Learned in the Representation of a Current Client

June 2018: This column discusses a lawyer’s “use” of information relating to a representation that may be regarded as being to the “disadvantage” of the affected client. Column

When a Client Shows Up as a Witness for the Other Side

March 2018: What can you do if you are confronted with a genuine conflict of interest between the litigant and the witness and you can’t get both of them to consent? Column

When Does a Prospective Client Become the Real Thing?

January 2018: The distinction between a person being held to be a former client or as a former prospective client can result in important consequences for a law firm. Full article

Profit-Sharing, Ethics and Employee Compensation

November 2017: It isn't hard to "bonus" non-lawyer employees as long as any amount paid is based on all-over firm profitability and not on the amount of a single fee. Full article

Moving Between Government and Private Practice

October 2017: The government doesn’t want a “side-switcher” using knowledge about the government’s case when a former employee becomes a lawyer in a firm representing the government’s opponent. Full article

Fake News, Alternative Facts, Legal Ethics

September 2017: ER 8.4 states that it is professional misconduct for a lawyer to "engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation." Full article

Legal Ethics and Collaborative Law Practice

May 2017: Ethical concerns for lawyers arise in several aspects of the collaborative process, but mainly in the very mechanics by which the process is formalized initially. Full article

What Happens When Hired Guns Misfire

March 2017: An Expert Witness Guide to Liabilities, Privileges and Immunities. Full article

Fee-Splitting & Avvo

February 2017: The ethics opinions concerning the Avvo business model have generated considerable commentary on both sides of the issue. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Column

Legal Ethics and the Impaired Lawyer

January 2017: Impairment can affect every aspect of a lawyer's practice, including relations with the courts and third parties. Column

Referral Fees and Conflicts of Interest

November 2016: Be careful before seeking a referral fee for sending a case to another lawyer. The price for the peace you gain may be the inability to share fees. Column

Sharing Fees, Unintended Consequences

October 2016: A referring lawyer can't "sit on his hands" and count on the receiving lawyer to meet the requirements of the fee-sharing rule. Column

Derivative Liability Revisited

September 2016: We need to be mindful of our ethical duties to persons who are not our clients. Column


See 17 Years of Articles